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Life-threatening diseases often come unannounced

Get Lumpsum Payout on detection and shield your savings with Critical Illness Insurance!

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Why get Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness Insurance takes care of your hard earned savings in most critical times and makes you worry free from financial stress.

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Covers upto 64 major illnesses

Get yourself secured against life-threatening diseases such as Cancer, Heart attack, etc. with a wide range of illnesses in a single plan.

Lumpsum Payout

You get upto 100% of opted Sum insured as Lumpsum payout in a single transaction on detection of specified diseases. You can use the amount for getting the treatment, recuperation expenses or paying of debt.

Option to buy for 1/2/3 years

The plans are available for one or two years with long term discounts in a range of 7.5% to 10% with the option of easy renewals.

Wide range of Sum Insured

Sum insured starting at ₹1 lacs is available providing you convenience of complete protection.

What’s included?

Critical illness insurance covers multiple illnesses in a single plan, it gives you a lumpsum on diagnosis of any of the covered diseases.

Complete protection

High Life cover at affordable premium rates, so that your loved ones are financially secured.

Save out of pocket expenses

Your treatment will have a very little or no impact on your hard-earned savings as the insurance will take of your hospital bills.

No Medical Check-ups

No Medical check-ups upto the age of 45 years*.

Life Long Renewability

This plan provides an option of easy renewals with its life-long renewability option.

Tax benefits

Taking this insurance will also give you tax benefits under section 80 D of Income Tax Act and you can save tax up to ₹50,000/-*

Free Look Period

After reviewing the policy if the plan does not satisfy your needs, you can cancel the policy within free look-in period of 15 days from date of receipt.

What’s not included?

The list of exclusions varies as per the policy, you’ve chosen. View the scenarios below where a Critical Illness Plan won’t work.


Critical Illness Insurance doesn’t take care of the collateral damage arising due to War, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or radiation of any kind. Terrorism, civil war are other additions to this list.

Adventure Sports-related Injury

Participating in Adventure Sports may be thrilling, but if you plan on climbing a mountain, remember your Critical Illness Plan doesn’t cover you from adventure sports-related injuries.

Self-inflicted injury/harm

We all go through stressful times in life, but whatever your situation might be, a Critical Illness Plan does not cover deliberate injury to one’s self.

Taking part in defense operations

There’s no critical illness plan that will cover you for accidents you’re involved in while you’re participating in army, navy or air-force-related operations.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Although a Venereal or Sexually Transmitted Disease can impact one’s wellbeing to a great extent, it isn’t covered by your Critical Illness Plan.

Cosmetic Surgery/treating Obesity

Cosmetic, dental care, obesity, medical facilities availed abroad or aesthetic-related treatments are not eligible for cover under your Critical Illness Plan.


Get the latest scoop on everything, you need to know about a Critical Illness Insurance Plan.

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What is Critical Illness?

Critical illness is an insurance which pays you a Lumpsum amount on diagnosis of listed critical illnesses such as Cancer, Stroke, etc.

Yes, a health insurance policy will cover your hospitalization expenses and other related medical expenditure, however in case of a critical illness you may need much more than that. The treatment can be long and ongoing which may need more financial support. The Lumpsum amount that a critical illness cover provides shields the insured individual against a hefty financial burden.

The plan is available for tenure selection from 1, 2, & 3 years as per the Insurer selected. There is a long term discount of around 7.5% and 10% available for 2 & 3 year plans respectively.

There is a waiting period for the first 90 Days since the Policy’s Inception. Certain major surgeries might be covered after 180 days.

This means that the insured has to survive a minimum of 15-30 days (depending on the Insurer), after the diagnosis of illnesses that’re listed under the policy to become eligible for the claim.

There is no cashless facility as lumpsum payment is made right upto the sum insured. This lumpsum amount can be used for hospitalization/additional expenses.

A critical Illness policy covers persons belonging to the age group of 5 years to 65 years. Some insurers consider the annual income of the proposer as a barometer too.

No pre-policy medical checkup is required for individual’s upto 45 years.

The best part of this policy is that you do not require to submit any documentation. Simply fill the details online and make payment via multiple secured payment modes. In case of a pre-existing disease, you might have to submit relevant medical documents.

Yes. Critical Illness insurance provides the benefit of Lifelong Renewability. So, after enrollment, the insured person can keep availing the offered benefits throughout his/her life. (Applicable only when the policy is renewed via timely payments of all premiums).

You can avail upto Rs.50000 as tax benefit under 'Section 80 D’.

Contact the Insurer on the helpline numbers available in the policy. On receipt of the claim intimation, the insurer would register the claim and assign you a unique claim reference number which may be used for all future correspondence.

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